Affiliate Program

What is the Bushnell Golf affiliate program?

Bushnell Golf is the leader in golf measuring devices giving golfers the best way to dial in their distances on the course. The Bushnell Golf affiliate program is perfect for golf-endemic websites or content producers to monetize their content by earning commissions on click-thru sales. By joining the Bushnell Golf affiliate program, you’ll have access to drive sales on our site while getting paid commissions based on your quality content.

How does it work?

Simply apply to join our affiliate program and once you’ve been approved to earn a commission you’ll have access to exclusive offers, links, and product feeds from Bushnell Golf.

Bushnell Golf handles all transactions and customer service, we pay you for click-thru sales on our site.

How much can I make?

Below is our public commission offer to any publisher who wishes to join our affiliate program.

  • 3% base commission
  • 4% commission when sales are greater than $149.98
  • 5% commission when sales are greater than $249.98
  • 6% commission when sales are greater than $399.98

We credit any sale on our site using a 30-day click-thru cookie window.

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