We partnered with the best in the business to bring pro-level launch monitor technology to you. See what the top teaching pros are saying about Launch Pro.


Owner of Tattersall Golf and Fusion ATL. Named to GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teachers ranking every year since 2007.

"My students are always asking me which personal launch monitor I recommend. Up until now, I haven’t been able to find a personal launch monitor accurate enough to get my stamp of approval. Bushnell Golf has changed all that! The new Launch Pro is not only incredibly accurate, but also a great value and has all the data points my students are looking for. The Launch Pro is an absolute home run!"


Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor,Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and PGA Tour Coach

"I tell my students that in order to improve they need to be able to practice more effectively. In order to do that they need to understand what they are working on, why they are working on it and it’s critical they have a way to monitor their practice to insure that they are doing what we as a team want them to do! When practice becomes more effective and efficient goals are reached more easily and faster than believed could be done! The Bushnell Launch Pro is like me being with them when they practice and allows the student to get accurate feedback. Also, if they can have some fun along the way that helps with their motivation. The Bushnell Launch Pro gives you the best of both worlds – accurate feedback on your critical data points, and the simulation features make using it fun for my students."