Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: My local golf course has recently been updated and/or renovated. Can you update the GPS course map?
  • Q: My GPS is frozen and none of the buttons work. What should I do?
  • Q: I am not located in the United States. How to I register my device?
  • Q: My GPS keeps shutting off every 15 minutes, how do I disable the auto-off function?
  • Q: Why does my GPS device not hold a battery charge like it used to? Can it be replaced?
  • Q: How do I change the unit of measure on my rangefinder?
  • Q: I can't get my GPS to power on. How do I turn my GPS device on and off?
  • Q: How do I update my GPS device with the most recent software and course maps?
  • Q: Why are there dark spots in my Laser Rangefinder's viewfinder?
  • Q: I would like to trade-in my old Bushnell device for an upgrade.
  • Q: My GPS watch will not charge.
  • Q: Do you offer discounts on purchases for High School or College Golf Teams?
  • Q: How do I change my watch or handheld GPS for Daylight Savings Time?
  • Q: What are the iGolf abbreviations for hazards?
  • Q: I forgot my password?
  • Q: How do I update my contact information?
  • Q: My GPS device is displaying "999" or "No Local Courses Found", what does that mean?
  • Q: Why does the website say my serial number is invalid?
  • Q: My GPS device needs an update but I can't get my computer to detect the device.
  • Q: Where can I find the courses that have been pre-loaded on my GPS device?
  • Q: Will Bushnell Golf repair my device if it is outside of the warranty-period?
  • Q: Is my GPS device or Laser Rangefinder waterproof?
  • Q: Why doesn't the JOLT function work on my Pro XE?
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Warranty Info

Bushnell Golf guarantees these products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship as follows: Laser Rangefinders: Two Year Limited Warranty GPS Rangefinders: One Year Limited Warranty These warranties do not cover consumer-caused damages such as misuse, abuse or repairs attempted by someone other than our authorized technicians. U.S. Repair Services | Canadian Repair Services

*Notice:  Due to U.S. import and export laws, repairs originating outside of the U.S. cannot be shipped to the U.S. service center.  Please contact the nearest subsidiary office that serves your area for shipping information. ** Notice: Your Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder should have a sticker with serial number on the outer package and on the product (see below). These serial numbers are used to ensure you are purchasing the unit from an authorized dealer. If you are unable to locate this sticker or if the serial number has been obscured, the product may not be authentic (counterfeit) or it may not have been purchased through an authorized dealer. In either case, Bushnell will not honor warranties on these products. You should return the unit to the seller for a refund, and purchase your rangefinder from an alternate location.  

 Where to find serial number of Bushnell Golf Rangefinders